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Specially designed for plastics, non-ferrous metals and composite materials: The new FELDER FB 710 c-tech - so much more than a simple bandsaw

The new FB 710 c-tech was developed specifically for machining plastics, non-ferrous metals and composite materials, and impresses with its top performance in a wide range of applications Regardless of whether they are being used for the cutting of models and styling block materials such as UREOL®, PURENIT®, SikaBlock®, RAKU-TOOL® or for the trimming of the clamping edge after the thermoforming process. Felder bandsaws offer high performance when processing synthetic materials.

With its 7.5 HP motor power and 460 mm cutting height, the FB 710 c-tech is one of the strongest and largest Felder bandsaws of its class to date. In combination with the innovative X-life ceramic guides included as standard, the bandsaw is unmatched in terms of wear resistance and blade stability.

Variable cutting speed and flexible lubricant application
The continuously adjustable speed control allows individual adaptation to the materials to be cut. Using the push buttons, the cutting speed can be adjusted flexibly in increments of fifty from 400 to 1400 m/min. The lubricant application ensures excellent cuts when processing non-ferrous metals. The lubricant tank can be attached flexibly to the machine by magnet.

Long lasting precision through X-Life ceramic guides
Ceramic guides guarantee excellent cutting results and maximum blade stability with four guiding blocks positioned directly adjacent to the saw blade. The smooth surface results in much less friction resistance. With reduced friction and less heat generation, ceramic guides are practically wear-resistant and enable an extremely long useable life and consistent cutting quality when compared to conventional roller guides.

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